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Simply put, early adopters are one of the key demographics for us to connect with because they not only embrace new technologies such as Lawgen, but they often also have useful skills. The vision it takes to diverge from the mainstream tends to also reveal the value in learning to make or do things.

One of the best places to find early adopters is on Facebook alternatives, and in crytpo-currency communities. We plan on using block-chain encryptography to run our time bank, (possibly Ethereum), so there's definitely a little something to entice everyone. People interested in Facebook alternatives tend to like the idea of a non-profit, community operated network that also has space to work on all it's problems, as well as those of everything else.

It's also kind of fun just chatting it up with interesting new people and seeing who's interested in helping something like Lawgen.

Early Adopter Hot-spots:[edit | edit source]

[search up "Facebook Alternatives"]


Gab Ai: https://gab.ai