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Because a wiki for solutions to all problems would enable such a wide array of projects and collaborations, it's possible for us to apply for a wide array of grants. The downside is that Lawgen is very different from what a lot of people are looking for when they set out to award grant money so it can be a hard sell. Fortunately there are also people awarding grants for net based innovation that Lawgen would have a higher chance of benefiting from. The following list is limited to them, if anyone wants to start writing for grants we can add a few databases and other sources. Because we have 501(c)3 nonprofit status under Media Island International we can also write for federal grants, which are much larger. We could help Media Island and Lawgen at the same time.

  • Mozilla Grants:
  • Open Society Grants:
  • Global Grand challenges award: "Apply to the Global Grand Challenge Awards program"

The first section is for organizations who award grants for projects like ours. From there, feel free to just list other potential resources at the bottom.