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They come in two varieties: groups and individuals. The following section is organized based on that distinction. Feel free to add content or notes, (even if that's just in parenthesis next to the thing you're commenting on). And as always if you have any questions about how to use this wiki, and the section on how to use it hasn't worked for you, feel free to send us a message at thelawgenproject[at]gmail.com

Groups/Organizations[edit | edit source]


Fight for the Future



The Evolution Institute


Open Society Foundations

  • Heather Grabbe - Director of the Open Society European Policy Institute and of EU Affairs

Alter Ego



New Economics

The Zeitgeist Movement

The Open Society Foundation

Wikimedia Community

Ubuntu Community

Geek Feminism: https://www.facebook.com/geekfeminism/?ref=timeline_chaining

Redacted Tonight

Democracy Foundation (List)

  • Over 70 Net Gov / Direct Democracy Projects

Individuals[edit | edit source]

Dr. Marshal Rosenberg

Naomi Kline

Angela Davis

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Joe Rogan

Russel Brand

Micheal Moore

Notes on contacting groups and individuals[edit | edit source]

When it comes to contacting new groups, quality is much more important than quantity. Often it's useful to gain a sense of what the people in that group struggle with, then make sure you know of a compelling explanation of why Lawgen would help them accomplish their goals.

There is an extremely broad array of potential alliances because Lawgen can help groups with problems of all natures. -and can help them govern openly, (and crowd-source solutions to their own problems). They key to a successful interaction is understanding what you're asking of them.

One thing we need from a lot of groups is to have someone we can contact once Lawgen's finally online that sees a clear purpose in introducing it to the rest of their group. Someone that'll send a well worded internal memo. (note that how they explain it to their group is usually a reflection of how it was explained to them. Always let us know if you want a peer edit or think this area could use a new template. Or if you want help customizing a message)

Sometimes a group produces media or something else useful, and it would be excellent to get an endorsement. (or facebook post/mention). If you're going to message them as a member of Lawgen they'll want to see the message and everything is professional. However that's not the only way to effectively get through to people. If you message them as a random person who simply heard about a really cool project you think they should check out, and consider 'boosting' (positive social media post/endorsement in one form or another), that might help us reach a lot of really helpful people. For messages like that ignore our templates and just let 'em know your honest opinion, (maybe start off with a mention of why you like their work, let them know you're a fan). The more large groups hear these casual mentions the more they'll eventually get curious and check us out. Getting this stuff online isn't a huge obstacle, we could probably make due with a couple thousand bucks. A single contribution in promoting could end up finding the exact right person to make our SRS and then we could start producing code immediately and have this all online within a year. There are other people who could make this all happen within a couple months, we just have to reach them. -Or get another strategy to work.

Example messages[edit | edit source]

-As a Lawgen Collaborator: 'Hello, I heard about your organization the other day online and I really like what you're trying to do. I'm a huge fan of civic intelligence. I'm also part of a group that's working to cultivate civic intelligence called the Lawgen Project. Our idea is to create the equivalent of a 'Wikipedia for all problems, and all potential solutions'. We also want to use this to prove we have the technology for people to represent themselves now. It's such a flexible system people will be able to use it to do anything from create words to interrogate specific scientific theories or ballot proposals. If you have a minute could you check it out and let us know what you think?'

If you'd like to ask for help getting the word out now rather than later end it with something more like: 'If you have a minute could you check it out and let us know if you'd be interested in helping us get the word out with a tweet or some other form of support?'

-As a random person: 'Dear Russel Brand, thank you for making The Trues. You should check out this project to prove people have the technology to represent themselves now, it's build on a wiki for all solutions to all problems on Earth. They want to make politics all about solving problems, instead of "parties". With their tools people can even create new words and all kinds of other stuff. They're a cool group but they don't have any corporate sponsors or anything so they could really use a shout-out from someone like you.'