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All contributions are appreciated,

the following is a list of all the different ways people can help. If you think of anything worth adding feel free to do so yourself or send us a suggestion at TheLawgenProject@Gmail.com

We need help  creating better media:

• The more we improve our media the better our responses from other groups get. Theoretically a single really good crowdfunding video could make this happen.

We need programmers in front and back-end:

• We need to create a Software Resource Survey to break the project down into a list of specific tasks volunteers can code. So far we’ve heard from a good few programmers, but so far no one’s been able to generate the SRS /get the ball rolling. Fortunately once we have a list of available tasks, we have a good dozen or so programmers to reconnect with. Meanwhile people in the International Direct Democracy Union and elsewhere are already eager to use the technology, so we know the prospect of widespread adoption looks positive. And our promotional media’s improving over time. If we can create a solid SRS then we might not even need to raise money.

We need bloggers and Vloggers:

• Are you already writing articles or making videos? We’d love to get a mention from you and if you’d like post a link to your work.

We need help finding and connecting with more potential collaborators:

• The more people help us reach out to people who might be interested in helping, the more collaborators we end up having. And the more collaborators we have the sooner this all gets online and free to use for all. There are lots of ways to promote so, obviously feel free to just poke people about the project on your own or contact us for tips, feedback, or anything else at TheLawgenProject@Gmail.com

We need help contacting potentially helpful groups:

• Because our goal is to help people solve problems of all natures, we have an incredibly wide array of different groups we can reach out to for partnerships. We’ve already reached out a bit and find that people like what we’re doing, but to get them to help us we really need better media and a bigger following. Once we’re online we don’t need them to help us, we switch to simply offering them a free service. Which we consider as the ‘post programming push’, to ensure the norms of the site and initial content are from people with writing experience and knowledge of important issues.

We need help getting endorsements:

• A single big endorsement could get this whole thing funded and online because we need so little to make it happen. The total cost to make everything is under 7 grand so a celebrity or respected group like the Open Software Society could basically wave it’s hand and we could crowdfund or possibly just find enough volunteer programmers. 

We need art, in many forms, to help us catch the public’s eye and promote:

• Whether you know graphic design, blacksmithing, or acting, we could use your help. The more media and community we collect as a group the easier it becomes for us to gain more support and resources in other ways.

We need legal advice:

• We still have no legal specialists or guidance aside from Media Island International. which knows how to maintain a nonprofit and distribute media, but not how to legally cover a software development process or implementation. We can copy and paste Terms Of Services, and modify them some, but it would probably be wise to learn more from legal experts in all related fields. Advice and recommendations are always welcome, feel free to send them to TheLawgenProject@Gmail.com .

We need grant writers:

• We presently only have one person seeking out and applying for grants, and would love to have more. The overhead on this project is so low we could probably fund everything with a single grant. Especially since we’ve gained 501(c)3 status through Media Island International, (we can apply for larger grants if we want, possibly even help MII too, they do good things why so, why not? (also this lets us write for larger sums, which paradoxically helps because many funders want to award a small number of big projects, not a large number of small ones. It’s weird but it’s true).

We need donations:

• We’re part of a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization called Media Island International, so let us know if you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation.  (@ TheLawgenProject@gmail.com )

Fortunately, while this website will be relatively expensive to program, programming is relatively cheap compared to other kinds of projects. We’ve had programmers quote us for well under 7,000 bucks so it’s not a terrible amount to fund-raise. 

We need people to like our Facebook page and post about net democracy:

• Having a strong Facebook following helps other groups take our project more seriously. We’d also love to see posts to our page about what you make of net democracy or civic intelligence. Perhaps relating a current event to what citizen-expert coalitions could be doing instead? And as always, if anything sounds unrealistic or overly optimistic, then let us know at TheLawgenProject@Gmail.com. There’s a good chance it’s a concern we’ve already anticipated, and have a good answer available. If not then you’ve helped us spot a bug, win win.

We need people to ask us questions for our YouTube AMA Channel:

• Part of our plant to build a social media presence involves creating a YouTube channel where people from all walks of life hop on camera or mic and ask us what they’d really like to know. We’re trying to build something that touches upon every facet of human life, including matters of the mind, heart, science, music, neighborhoods, and “policy”, so we’ve noticed there’s no shortage of fascinating or plainly practical questions to go around. Feel free to ask yours.

Did we miss anyone?

• If you think of anything else you might be able to contribute definitely let us know. All suggestions and other feedback are welcome. Even knowing what people didn’t like is valuable. Thanks for tuning in.